Winner and final fundraising tally

I’m pleased to announce that a winner of the quilt was chosen on Monday. (It’s taken me a few days to post as the flu has come down on our household like a tons of bricks!)

Winner of the quilt is Farrah DeSelle, a mom and nurse in New Hampshire.  She has the idea of somehow getting the quilt to Newtown (either temporarily or permanently), so we are still figuring out what journey this quilt will have… Stay tuned for details.

Thank you to everyone who donated and supported this project. Whether you chipped in $5 or $250, your contribution is much appreciated. In all, we raised $3000! Wonderful! Thank you also to those who forwarded emails, shared Facebook posts, or took the time to write me supportive emails. Every one of you helped make a difference.

Next on my list is to make eight coasters (“mug-rugs”) for the $100 donors, and four wall hangings for the $250 donors. Image This is a close-up of the back of the quilt, where you can get a better look at the quilting. This star block wasn’t used on the front as the contrast wasn’t enough, so I decided to sew it into the back.


Finished Quilt!

The Remembrance Star Quilt is complete. The quilting is lovely– a sort of swirling cloud pattern. I finished binding the quilt using strips of scraps from the stars, so it is sort of a striped rainbow all around the edges. I love it!

What does the quilt look like?


As of today (January 8, 2013), I have nearly completed the quilt top! All 26 of the stars are sewn into blocks, and surrounded by background fabric, which is a beautiful dark blue indigo batik fabric that evokes the night sky. I thought it was a perfect “home” for the stars to float in.

I did have to purchase this blue fabric (as I did not have enough of the pale blue batik to make a complete top). But I’ve fallen in love with it, which allows me to relax my rule of sourcing and sewing only from my “stash.”

In other new (GOOD NEWS!), I have raised nearly $2500— halfway to my goal of $5000! I am realizing that I will likely not reach my goal by next Monday. So I’ve been deliberating with myself about extending the deadline.

If you have not yet donated, then now is good time to do so. Just click here. You will get one entry for winning the quilt giveaway for every $25 you donate. And donors of $100+ will receive a handmade gift from me. Continue to spread the word and, if you are a procrastinator… keep in mind that you have less than a week to donate and get a chance at winning.